One Global Login

Heis Soma is your one-and-done entry point into TCC's ministry sites. With this log-in system, you can access all of our programs and resources without having to worry about multiple passwords.

Peace of Mind

Unlike other log-ins, we won't track your activity across the web without your knowledge, and your information will never be sold for third party advertising – which means you're free to focus on the ministries we offer and the work the Holy Spirit is calling you to do.

Complete Transparency

You can read more about The Christian Chain and our mission here. You can also read more about our terms of use and privacy policy.

List of Connected Sites

Prayer Nook

Find out more at:

Prayer Nook is the app that lets you journal, request prayers, pray with your friends, and strengthen your prayer life – all in one easy to use app. Pray for those in your feed, share personal prayers within your inner circle, and journal prayers in your own private notebook.

Unity Accord

Find out more at:

Unity Accord is a Crowd Support website where you can read more about what biblical unity is in regards to the Church and the individual Christian. You can read the Unity Creed of 2020, and show your support by signing the Unity Accord. Plus, earn some badges along the way!

Future Expansion

Find out more on our: FAQ page

By early 2021, we plan to expand this global login systems to include our other various ministry projects like The Christian Chain, Samaritan Bags and Partners in Unity. We also plan to develop a 3rd party API to allow other churches and religious organizations to integrate this login system into their websites.

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